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Guerrilla Outfitters Trifecta Contour 20 Ounce Bottle


Product Description

The Guerrilla Outfitters Trifecta Contour water bottle or travel mug. Choice of lid and stainless steel or matte black bottle. 

These are the new wide mouth 20 ounce Liquid Hardware bottles. These were invented in Victor, Idaho.   This bottle is great for both hot and cold beverages.  At this point you're wondering why is this bottle so special?  The lid and the bottle contain magnets.  No more broken straps that were meant to keep your bottle and lid together.  Okay so now we have practically solved the lost lid situation but I guess that blue falcon could still come along and huck your lid into ocean, lake or river but no worries it floats.  The magnetic lid floats, lending it the ability of use as a survival compass.  Float it in water and the magnet will point north or south depending how the magnet was placed in the lid.  Once you've checked your lid for its direction preference you will always be able to find magnetic North.  This bottle will stick to most metal objects like the fridge and squat racks at the gym.  This may be the last bottle you ever own and it has a reason to go everywhere.  

This bottle is available in flat black and stainless steel. 


Production time is up to one week.  Each piece is engraved in house, here at Guerrilla Outfitters.

:: BRAND ::


:: SPECS ::

20 oz. capacity

Available in Black and Stainless Steel


Stainless steel drinkware is eco-friendly and made of premium materials free of lead, Phthalates, BPA and other crap.  Steel is endlessly reusable.  Cut down on waste for life.


To find the directional preference of your lid, float the lid in a dish of water. Place a compass on a flat surface a safe distance from your dish. Note whether the magnet in your lid floats to the north side or south of side of the dish.

:: CARE ::

The lid is top rack dishwasher safe. Bottle is hand wash only.

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