Pewlandia Shirt

$21.49 - $24.49

Some of you may know of it, some of you may have even watched it but we all know Portlandia is totally ridiculous on so many levels.  They put a bird on it, so we put a little bird on it.  We all know having a little bird on target is pretty badass.  This was designed for those with a little sense of humor and hope to see many of these in the Portland metro area.  Get yours today so you can put some thin skinned hipster's skinny jeans in a bunch. The hipsters will come in close enough just get offended.

These fine 50/50 blend t-shirts are great for working out.  Now available in a variety of colors.

:: SPECS ::


Back: Blank

Fabric: 50/50 cotton/poly blend

Cut: Athletic fit not a slim fit

Brand: Royal Apparel, Made in the USA